Karglmayer in 1010 Vienna & GRAZ

Super Million Hair

Thousands of satisfied customers apply Super Million Hair every day. The application is foolproof and free of side effects: With the help of an applicator, problem areas are covered with the finest hairs by slight shaking. Subsequently, the applied little hairs are fixed with a special spray.

Vital Hair

Karglmayer trusts in Vital Hair, which constitutes a revolution in hair care. Thanks to the properties of real hair and the advantages of synthetic hair, Vital Hair can seamlessly be integrated into your own hair to reach a completely natural feeling. Vital Hair is low-maintenance, colorfast and pleasingly soft, and also more stabile, lighter and more heatproof than natural hair.


What is special about Cyberhair is its layer of scales, which is very similar to that of human hair. This will allow you to excercise, go swimming, or go to the sauna as carefree as ever. Cyberhair can do all this, too! Imagine having hair again that feels and looks like your own hair.


The highly innovative hair system Superionix® uses the latest results from research and science and impresses with its extremely natural appearance. A new type of adhesive system with adhesive membrane according to the gecko principle ensures maximum wearing comfort. This also reduces the development of heat, reduces the bacterial load on the scalp and prevents itching.