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From Karglmayer in 1010 Vienna & Graz

Wigs by Karglmayer will impress you by their totally natural look. They are light, breathable and water-resistant, and cannot be discerned from natural hair, in everyday life and during excercise.

In a throrough counselling session, we will define for you the optimal

  • style (whole wig, hairpiece, premade or custom-made)

  • hair quality (European or Indian real hair, artificial hair or cyberhair)

  • and the attachment at the roots.

Select from among about 3,500 wigs made of artificial and real hair, or decide on a custom made hair replacement. In any case: The sooner your counselling appointment, the easier it will be to match the color and structure of your wig with your natural hair.

Hint: In case of hair loss for medical reasons (chemotherapy, alopecia areata, familial hair loss, etc…) we can take care of the settlement with your insurance company (possible only in Vienna), with the requisite prescription from your doctor.
All you pay us is the retainer.

Attachement & care

Thanks to modern technology, the attachment of your alternative hair is adapted to best suit your hair and scalp type. The center of our attention is your well-being and your daily habits. Are you an active or a comfortable type? Do you love sunbathing and going to the sauna, or do you avoid sun and heat?

Whether you decide on a hairpiece, wig, hair thickening or extentions, the following applies to attachment and care in any case: the right product will extend the beauty and longevity of your alternative hair.

Come see us!
Together, we can find the best solution for you.


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